Get Away ‘N Play Café News

Exciting updates happening at the Get Away ‘N Play Cafe at Mott
Everyone knows about the welcoming atmosphere at the Get Away ‘N Play Café, and the nutritious food served there. Now there are new convenient features that will make your visit to the café efficient and enjoyable!

We officially launched Sally the Salad Robot!  Sally allows you to choose a suggested salad recipe or customize your own on the touchscreen. Watch your salad being made through the rounded window while Sally does the work. Inside there are 21 canisters chilled to around 34 degrees and filled with items like kale, romaine lettuce, tomatoes, olives and dressings.

Not only is Sally the Salad Robot entertaining to watch, it’s an engaging way to get kids interested in salad and vegetables. You can also watch this video and see how Sally works-

Another convenient feature  being added to the Café is a 24/7 Self -Serve Market that allows you to scan your items and self-pay.  This will make food items available for your convenience all day every day. The Self Pay Market will be installed soon.? 

Stop by the Get Away ‘N Play Café at Mott for delicious fresh food, and watch for these new additions coming soon. To ask questions or to receive more information call the manager, Lisa Barnier, at 734-998-0511