At Aramark, sustainability is a major point of focus. Sustainability involves the stewardship of our natural resources by monitoring our water use and engaging in proper recycling.

Most of our retail operations at the University Hospital serve food in containers that are recyclable or made from recycled materials. When ordering food, our strategy involves purchasing appropriate quantities in order to avoid leftovers. Since 2005, Aramark has reduced 15 million pounds of food waste.

We source responsibly; 100% of our cod and canned tuna comes from sustainable sources. We have also instituted a coffee refill program. Additionally, we have reduced plastic straw use by 20%.

We also have a pre-consumer waste program in place, which means we collect the food that is trimmed off during the preparation and cooking process. After we've collected this waste in holding containers, it's given to local farmers to feed to their livestock.

We believe sustainability is taking responsibility for the future of our planet. We all play a role in preserving the quality of life for generations to come by conserving water, monitoring waste, and recycling responsibly.

An additional step we have taken is related to our involvement in the Cool Food Meals program. Created by the World Resources Institute (WRI), the program aims to make climate action simple and delicious. By incorporating more CRM certified meals into our everyday menus, we hope to lower our carbon footprint and provide guests with the ability to do the same. Guests can now quickly identify Cool Food Meals with a special badge on all of our menus (online and in-café).

Aramark’s vision for the future focuses on positively impacting people and the planet as we serve our client partners, employees and other stakeholders. See more.  
Our purpose is simple - to make a positive impact on people and planet. Our sustainability plan starts with people. People are at the center of everything we do and so we’re focused on equity and wellbeing of our employees and consumers, the people in the communities where we live and work, as well as the people in our supply chain. We also focus on the wellbeing of our planet by minimizing environmental impact across all of our operations, from the foods we serve and facilities we operate to the vehicles we drive. Learn about how our sustainability plan comes to life